Monday, January 19, 2009

The price of addiction

Owl said "Your addictions will always interfere with your relationship to God, because whatever you are addicted to becomes your god."

If we are all being called to wake up to Spirit during this time of transition, what does that mean if addictions are involved?

This is what I know about addictions:
We all have addictions, myself included. These may include addictions to alcohol or drugs, to television, to computer games, to sex, to complaining about our lives, to money, to blaming others for our situations. ANYTHING that is an attempt to escape the experience of this life, or to refuse the responsibility for ourselves can be an addiction.

If you are addicted to substances such as alcohol or drugs you are allowing-- even inviting-- entities into your energy field. Until those can be healed and released it will not be possible for you to evolve spiritually. Get medical or psychological help quitting, join a support group such as AA, and look for ways to heal your energy field. (Some possiblities can be found on my website

Most of us do not suffer from those forms of addiction (although the numbers are growing). Many of us have "harmless" addictions, such as playing computer games or watching television. We believe they are harmless because they don't deplete our bank accounts in the way that gambling, or drug or alcohol addictions do; and, after all, who are we hurting?

Mostly yourself. Sometimes others, if you neglect your children or family responsibilities in order to indulge in gaming or television. Why does it matter?

Television and computer games take us away from the process of creating our lives and nurturing our souls. They take our time, our precious, fleeting time. They lull us into complacency. What's an hour on the computer, we ask? I work hard, I'm entitled to a little down time. Yes, you are! We are all entitled to a bit of fun, of rest and rejuvenation. The problem is that addictions only pretend to offer us those things. When you get up from 2-3 hours of television and realise that you "forgot" to vacuam or wash the floor...again, is that fun? Do you feel rested or even more worn out?

Here's what I'm suggesting: Start small. If you normally play computer games for 2 hours every evening, take the first half hour and do something in service for yourself, or your family. Alternately you could choose one day of the week where you won't indulge your addiction at all. Replace the addictive behavior with health-supporting choices. Housework, singing, dancing, playing a musical instrument, going for a walk, exercising, reading a book, prayer, meditation, calling a friend or family member that you haven't spoken with in awhile....ANYTHING that nurtures your body, mind or spirit or that contributes to someone else's wellbeing is a good replacement activity. Start small and see what happens; see if you begin to feel different, if you begin to have ideas of other things you'd like to do with your precious life.

Wake your soul. Return in love to the Earth and to Spirit. Shine, shine, shine.


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